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Highlights from last night include CM Punk vs Chris Jericho in what was an amazing match.  Not only in terms of technical ability, but in the fact that Punk won cleanly.  To me, he was on top of the world and started to lose some momentum as a heel, especially after losing to The Rock.  It was nice to see him gain back some momentum in what was a huge and much needed win on Monday.  It should have been the closing of the show it was that good….

Which leads to the next point.  Having the John Cena/Shield angle be the closer of the show was weak.  It started out strong with Brad Maddox wanting to call them out instead, but as soon as Cena’s music hit, it started to fizzle.  It just made the show end on a kind of “So What?” note.  Put the Shield in a match because I want to see these guys fight again.  I’ve seen some of their independent stuff and they impressed me at TLC.  I want to see more and soon.

The Rock… what can I say?  I wasn’t really happy that he won the championship.  Especially now, because he’s the champion, he doesn’t work House Shows and wasn’t even on this Episode of RAW.  They took the title off of CM Punk who was champion for 434 days, did house shows, showed up every week even after having knee surgery and now The Rock has the title.  He’ll wrestle at Elimination Chamber, at Wrestlemania, and then be gone for months.  So we’re guaranteed to see at least two more matches out of The Rock before he’s gone, again.  I think it’s pathetic to have Rock be a placeholder champion just to drop the belt to Cena in their rematch at Wrestlemania.  “Once in a Lifetime” means ONCE!  Because then it will be tied 1-1 and then we’ll probably have to see the third tie breaker match next year, sigh.

Other Highlights:

Bruno Sammartino is being inducted into the Hall of Fame.  It looked like this was never going to happen.  There’s a bunch of irony that I don’t feel like going into, it’d be an article itself.  There’s a bunch of drama involved, but bottom line, I’m just happy that Bruno is finally going in.  It adds even more credibility to the Hall of Fame.

Ryback vs Cesaro – They’ve had some good matches lately and it’s nice to see Ryback do something more than a couple power moves, a clothesline and his finisher.  I want to see lengthier matches from him.  SHOW.  ME.  MORE… of what you can do.

MizTV has been pretty “eh” so far.  I wasn’t into Miz as a heel and even less now that he’s a babyface.  Highlight of this segment was Paul Heyman’s performance and Brock Lesnar attacking Miz.

Jack Swagger is back.  He seems hungrier and more driven which is good.  I just wish they repackaged him more.  That awful theme song has to go, it doesn’t fit.

Del Rio vs Rhodes – I enjoyed Del Rio when he first arrived.  I was happy when he won the Rumble a couple years ago.  Then he got stale, but this babyface turn has done wonders.  I’ve enjoyed it so far.  This match was decent and his feud with Big Show so far has been entertaining.

Daniel Bryan vs Rey Mysterio –  I’m a Daniel Bryan fan.  No matter what stupid thing WWE has thrown at him, he’s been able to make it work for him and pull off great matches while doing it.  Team Hell No has been fun, but it’s time for Bryan to become a singles competitor again and Kane to gain back some of that “monster”.

Mark Henry returned.  What does it mean for Wrestlemania?  Im not sure because the majority of the roster don’t have clear feuds heading towards the biggest show of the year.

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett – Anytime these guys fight, it’s always good and tonight was no different.

Overall, it wasn’t that bad an episode of RAW.  The biggest letdowns included Cena closing the show and the absence of The Rock after winning the championship heading towards Wrestlemania is insulting.  Oh, and they REALLY want you to download the WWE app if you couldn’t tell by them shoving it down your throat.

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