SMACKDOWN: 02-08-13

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SEGMENT:  We open with Big Show arriving to the arena in his bus.  Lately with the way Big Show’s been carrying himself the last couple weeks, I think he’d make a great Kingpin in a Daredevil or Spiderman movie.  He’s definitely big and bald enough.  Big Show makes his way to the ring and insults Del Rio for attacking him at his hotel room and General Manager Booker T.  Big Show wants to know who told Del Rio where to find him.  Booker won’t tell, but does have some good news.  He’s putting Big Show in a match with Kane tonight.

Match: Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes – I enjoy both Kofi and Cody.  They’re a couple of the mid-carders that I hope get a main event push soon in the future.  They’re young, talented and it’s only a matter of time.  This was a pretty equal match and that means the win could go either way.  It wasn’t anything amazing, but solid.  Cody picked up the victory.

Backstage, Kane and Daniel Bryan still aren’t getting along.  They’ve been interfering in each other’s matches and Kane doesn’t want Bryan’s help out there tonight with his match against Big Show.  The breakup is coming soon and I’m hoping these two have a match at Wrestlemania.

Then comes my least favorite part of Smackdown… all the recaps from RAW.  It seems like 20% of the show is wasted on recaps.  I watched RAW and don’t need to see recap after recap.    Before being on Syfy, Smackdown was on channel 50 where I live.  I could understand if Smackdown was still on a local channel and those people without cable/satellite would have no idea what happened on RAW, but Smackdown is now also on cable/satellite.

Match: The Great Khali vs Titus O’Neill – I don’t care for the Prime Time Players, or The Great Khali.  It’s sad watching a Khali match.  He can’t move worth a damn.  He can only do three moves and that’s it.  What’s sadder is that they have Natalya and Hornswoggle with him.  Why?  They should fire Hornswoggle because he’s pretty useless.  He’s only there for cheap laughs.  And with all the “Divas” leaving I don’t understand why Natalya isn’t being used better.  She’s a great female wrestler and should be treated as such.  Just one of many wasted opportunities in the WWE right now.  Khali picks up a quick victory and Mark Henry’s music hits.  Henry throws Titus into the barricade and then delivers the World’s Strongest Slam to Khali.

Mark Henry grabs a microphone and says the Hall of Pain is re-opened.  What does he want?  He’s wants to know why he isn’t in the Elimination Chamber Match.  Booker T comes out and tells Henry if he can beat somebody already in the Chamber match, then he’s in.  The catch is Henry has to face Randy Orton.

Match: Kane vs Big Show – The match was decent for two big guys.  The real story here is that Del Rio, although suspended for attacking Big Show at the hotel, is in the parking lot.  Del Rio has made some “changes” to his tour bus.  Turns out Big Show’s tour bus is up on cinder blocks.  I laughed pretty hard when Big Show asked, “How is that even possible?”.  And the the cherry on top is Del Rio pouring orange paint all over Big Show.  Again, the Del Rio face change is doing wonders right now and giving him a lot more fun things to do.

Match: Jack Swagger vs Justin Gabriel – Jack Swagger has a fire lit under him and he’s focused on getting into the Chamber Match.  Swagger picks up a quick victory.  Nothing further develops because then WWE plugs their Superstar Reading program thing…

Match: Tensai vs Drew Macintyre – Oh, Drew Macintyre.  He went from the Chosen One, to never being on television, to being a part of one of the dumbest factions ever, 3MB.  The match doesn’t last long because the rest of 3MB rush in and the match ends in disqualification.  Brodus Clay comes in for the save and it looks like Clay and Tensai have formed a friendship followed by more annoying dancing.  Why does WWE force their wrestlers to sing and dance when they can’t?  It’s not “entertaining” and a waste of television.  It really dumbs down the product and makes me hit fast forward.

Match: Antonio Cesaro vs Sin Cara – I enjoy Cesaro’s “old school” approach and feel.  This match wasn’t long, but entertaining.  Sin Cara was able to hit his spots and looked good.  Cesaro picked up the victory with the neutralizer.  After his match he gets into a backstage brawl with The Miz that is broken up.

Hey, another recap of what happened on RAW… We do learn, however, that Cena, Shaemus and Ryback will face the Shield at the Elimination Chamber ppv.  I really hope the Shield continues the momentum and picks up the victory against the top faces of the company and don’t get squashed.

Main Event: Mark Henry vs Randy Orton – Mark Henry wants in the Chamber match and Orton is looking to put Henry back on the shelf.  Decent match between these two.  Eventually Mark Henry picks up the victory over Orton with the World’s Strongest Slam.  I like how Orton is letting people pick up victories over him cleanly lately.  So Henry gets what he wants and is in the Chamber match.

Overall, Smackdown was pretty good.  There was a good amount of matches and most of the segments helped further the stories.  The only real negatives involved the segments with Khali, Tensai, Brodus Clay, and 3MB.

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