RAW: 02-11-13

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SEGMENT:  RAW opens with Paul Heyman standing in the middle of the ring.  He declares tonight is the last night you will see him.  For CM Punk’s sake he is quitting so the sins of the mentor won’t hurt the protege.  Enter CM Punk who eventually convinces Heyman to stay.  However, there’s a “look” in Punk’s eyes as he hugs Heyman that makes me wonder if there isn’t something more going on.

MATCH:  Mark Henry vs Khali – Oh great, a Khali match versus a returning Mark Henry.  I’m sure Khali will get his corner chops in and Henry will pick up a quick victory after hitting the World’s Strongest Slam… which is exactly what happened.  This match was painfully predictable and as pointless as Natalya and Hornswoggle teaming with Khali.  The only highlight here is Hornswoggle getting the World’s Strongest Slam after the match with fans chanting “one more time”.  Go audience!

SEGMENT: Chris Jericho runs into Booker T and Teddy Long backstage and wants in the Elimination Chamber Match.  Booker tells him if he can beat Daniel Bryan then he’s in.  I look forward to that match.

SEGMENT:  Heyman tries to convince Vicki to add a stipulation to the Punk vs Rock match.  She can’t do that without Vince’s approval so Heyman gets on speaker phone with Vince.  If Rock is disqualified or counted out then Punk wins the title.  I’m surprised Vince actually granted that, but i’m sure it’ll backfire on Heyman with another added stipulation.

MATCH:  Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho –  One bonus of RAW going to 3 hours is that every episode has at least one or two ppv quality matches.  Whether it was last week with Punk vs Jericho or this week with this match.  This match was very solid and had some good reversals throughout.  Any man could have picked up the victory, but Jericho pulled out a codebreaker for the win and is now entered into the Chamber Match.

MATCH:  Sheamus, Ryback, and John Cena vs 3MB – Jeez… I wonder who is going to win?  I hate how Lawler has to play up Cena’s entrance by saying, “Wow, the roof just blew off the place”.  Yet, when Cena is tagged in and later gets on the microphone he is booed heavily.  At least they’re having these guys team together before their match against The Shield to build some chemistry.

SEGMENT:  Hey, Yoshi Tatsu and Alex Riley get some TV time, but are quickly knocked out by the Big Show after making fun of Del Rio dumping orange paint on him.  Big Show then heads to the ring and before Matt Striker can ask his first question he is knocked out, hilarious.  Big Show grabs the mic and stands there for a minute or two and then just leaves without saying a word… Eh.

MATCH:  Zack Ryder vs Jack Swagger –  Well, even though Ryder gained a lot of popularity without the momentum, he’s been fizzling really bad lately.  Some “let’s go Ryder” chants break out, but they’re pointless.  No doubt that Swagger will pick up the victory and he does so with the ankle lock.  A highlight is that Swagger has a much needed manager in Zeb Colter who cut a decent promo.  I look forward to where this will go.

SEGMENT:  Dolph Ziggler approaches Booker T and Teddy Long and now wants in the Chamber Match.  Booker T puts Ziggler in a match against Kane to prove his worth.

MATCH:  Miz vs Cody Rhodes –  The focus here was Cesaro on commentary.  He interferes in the match and swings Miz repeatedly into the barricade.  The only thing that is accomplished is moving this feud forward although I’m not getting much out of it.

MATCH:  Primo and Epico vs Brodus Clay and Tensai – So can Tensai just drop the Japanese gimmick now?  This was a short match.  Pretty sure Brodus attempting to dance lasts longer than most of his matches.  Sadly the highlight here for me was the Funkadactyls.  They actually have some impressive ring work and I would rather see them help the Diva’s division.

SEGMENT:  The Shield hits the ring and I was excited to get Ambrose on the mic some more.  He can cut a decent promo.  The Shield wants to fix the decade long problem that is John Cena.  You know it’s sad when you’re actually rooting for the “bad guys”.  I for one am looking for something fresh besides Cena and I hope these WWE “rookies” pick up the victory Sunday.

MATCH:  Del Rio vs Damien Sandow –  Another short match.  Del Rio quickly locks in the Arm Bar and Sandow submits.  Del Rio grabs the mic and declares that he will be the World Heavyweight Champion heading into Wrestlemania.

MATCH: Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett – Barrett isn’t one hundred percent after being attacked by Bo Dallas backstage.  It’s a decent match.  Barrett picks up the win after pulling the apron over Kofi’s head and hitting him with the Bull Hammer Elbow.  Hopefully this Barrett/Dallas feud goes somewhere.

MATCH:  Ziggler vs Kane –  Ziggler has a reputation for putting on pretty good matches.  I didn’t expect this match to be that good, but it was better than what I was expecting.  AJ got knocked off the apron which distracted Ziggler.  Kane capitalized with a chokeslam for the win and is now entered into the Elimination Chamber Match.

SEGMENT:  So The Rock decided to show this week and makes his way to the ring.  He tells a story about buying a car from a crackhead in a Nashville bar when he was fifteen years old…  After that awkwardness, CM Punk’s music hits.  They get into a little brawl and Punk is able to hit the GTS on Rock.  He grabs the title and heads up the ramp.  After seeing Punk with the title for so long, it did look like it was back where it should be.  Almost as if he’s been naked without it.  RAW ends with Punk on top.  Personally, I’m a Punk fan so this makes me happy.  Taking the title off of CM Punk at that point was stupid.  I don’t expect Rock to lose the title this Sunday though.  Perhaps this will lead to a triple threat match between Rock, Cena, and Punk at Wrestlemania.

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