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SEGMENT:  RAW starts off with John Cena’s music hitting.  He makes his way to the ring to give what will probably be a pandering speech to build towards his rematch with Rock at Wrestlemania.  He comes out and tries to hype Wrestlemania now that we know both the main events.  He mentions Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger and it gets nearly zero response from the fans and then mentions his rematch with The Rock.  CM Punk’s music hits and he heads towards the ring.  He disputes that Cena deserves to face The Rock at Wrestlemania.  Punk also states that Cena has never beat him.

Cena knows he has his critics and wants to shut them up.  Cena says if Punk wants to face The Rock at Wrestlemania he’ll have to earn it.  Next week it will be Cena vs Punk and the winner goes on to face The Rock at Wrestlemania.  I would be excited, but I know that the match WWE wants at Wrestlemania is Rock vs Cena II with Cena probably redeeming himself for last years loss by winning the title so why bother.  The only light at the end of the tunnel would be if someone cost Punk the match and created a feud for Punk heading towards Wrestlemania.  If Punk doesn’t get his own huge match on the Wrestlemania card then it could lead to Rock vs Cena vs Punk in a triple threat.  Either way expect Cena to win the title to make up for his lackluster 2012.

SEGMENT:  Sheamus is being interviewed backstage about his team’s loss last night at The Elimination Chamber ppv.  Ryback is pacing back and forth not happy being the one who was pinned.  Ryback actually puts his hands on Shaemus and Jericho comes in to defuse the situation.  Jericho wants to help rid the WWE of The Shield.  Jericho wants a 6 man tag match tonight on RAW.  I’m down with seeing Shield wrestle more matches.

MATCH:  Mark Henry vs Sin Cara – They show Henry squashing Rey Mysterio a couple weeks ago as the motivation behind this match.  The match doesn’t last long since they’re building Henry as a dominant monster heel.  Mark Henry picks up the victory with the World’s Strongest Slam and after the match wants to deliver another one until Khali’s music hits… Really?  Khali rushes, I mean, limps briskly towards the ring and Henry slips out and heads up the ramp.  I hope this feud doesn’t go anywhere.

MATCH:  Miz vs Antonio Cesaro – I really don’t care for Miz or this feud.  The only highlight was when Cesaro swung Miz’s head repeatedly into the barricade.  Miz’s shoulder is still injured and will play a factor throughout the match.  Cesaro grabs some chairs and a kendo stick and things get interesting.  Oddly enough I think a “shave your legs” chant breaks out.  Cesaro rams his knee into the chair and then is drop toe hold into another chair allowing Miz to lock in the figure four and get the victory.  Thankfully this match wasn’t for the title.

SEGMENT:  We get a video of Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger talking about immigration and America.  An interesting new turn for the returning Swagger.  There’s some unique things they could do here with these We The People videos and I hope it goes somewhere.  I don’t hate Swagger, but I don’t love him either.  However, I see hints of great things that could happen if WWE doesn’t drop the ball.

SEGMENT:  Daniel Bryan confronts Kane about their conflict at The Elimination Chamber.  He doesn’t want to team with Kane anytime soon and doesn’t want him out there in his match.  Bryan will be facing Jack Swagger later tonight.  Randy Orton appears and we learn that we’ll also be getting Orton vs Kane.  Orton then says the obvious that Kane has lost the “monster” by trading in chokeslams and tombstones for therapy and hugs.  Hopefully a fire (no pun intended) is lit inside Kane and we get a heel turn soon with Bryan going face.

SEGMENT:  Vicki reveals to Paul Heyman that she has a big announcement for him that’ll change his career.  Instead of just telling us now she’ll do it later in the ring.  This is a bummer because it means we’ll have to waste more television time with her involved in a story.

MATCH:  Dolph Ziggler vs Del Rio – I doubt Ziggler will win this one or that Langston will interfere and allow Ziggler to cash in and win the title, but I can dream.  At one point Del Rio delivers a backwards superplex off the top rope.  After some good back and forth action Del Rio locks in the Arm Bar and Ziggler submits.  Del Rio celebrates with the title and then gets blasted by Langston.  Maybe Ziggler will cash in after all!  Rodriguez grabs the briefcase and runs out of the arena.  The case got dropped on the ramp and AJ Lee rushes to get it.  Ziggler turns around and Del Rio is back to his feet and kicks Ziggler in the side of the head. I actually became hopeful for a second.

SEGMENT:  Wade Barrett stands in the ring to plug a movie that he was in and we get a trailer.  It actually doesn’t look that bad.  Sheamus then pops up on the screen and rains on Barrett’s parade for some reason…

MATCH:  Brodus Clay, Lord “Sweet Tea” Tensai, and Naomi vs Primo, Epico, and Rosa Mendez – I think WWE has heard my pleas because Naomi is in this match!  Naomi hits a couple good spots while Tensai and Clay hit a double splash for the win.

SEGMENT:  Jack Swagger’s State of the Union Address – Jack Swagger should be as quiet as much as possible.  He has Zeb Colter now and should let him do the majority of his talking.  Swagger speaks as if his tongue is too big for his mouth.  Anyway, Zeb gets on the microphone and again rants about immigrants and how they’re ruining America.  It looks like they are going to really focus on this angle since Del Rio is from Mexico.

MATCH:  Jack Swagger vs Daniel Bryan – Bryan’s ribs are bandaged up and Swagger works the mid section.  Both of these guys can go in the ring and the match is pretty good.  Bryan slaps on the No Lock, but Swagger is able to get his foot on the rope.  Swagger focuses on the ankle of Daniel Bryan and locks on the Patriot Lock.  Swagger picks up the victory when Bryan submits.

SEGMENT:  Vicki and Paul Heyman stand in the ring and Vicki is announcing her assistant.  You might be thinking it’s Heyman, but no it’s Brad Maddox.  It’s a reward for exposing the scandal between Heyman and The Shield.  Heyman is ready to split until Vince McMahon shows up on the Titan Tron.  Heyman learns what his surprise is really going to be.  Vince McMahon says that he wants a fight next week with Paul Heyman.  Since Mr. McMahon only had surgery a couple weeks ago I’m sure he’ll be in a vulnerable position.  Perhaps Brock Lesnar goes to deliver another F-5 and Triple H comes out for the save.  This will lead to Lesnar vs Triple H II at Wrestlemania and hopefully Triple H will walk away without his arm being “broken” for a third time.

MATCH:  Jericho, Sheamus, and Ryback vs The Shield – Ryback takes it right to Rollins and is almost disqualified until Jericho breaks it up.  Ambrose and Jericho duke it out for a while and I wouldn’t mind the two of them being in a singles match in the future.  Sheamus is tagged in and gets singled out the majority of the match.  Ryback eventually gets tagged back in and cleans house.  Ryback goes to hit Rollins with Shell Shock and Reigns spears him similar to last night only this time Rollins doesn’t get the three count.  Eventually Ambrose and Jericho end up back in the ring and Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho.  Rollins makes the save with a flying knee to the head of Jericho allowing Ambrose to pick up the victory.  i’m happy The Shield has won again.  They need to keep the momentum and to carry it for a while if they’re to be taken seriously.  Too many times in WWE do they bring people in and try to push them only to drop the ball on them before they get the full mileage out of a storyline.  Here’s hoping The Shield only gets stronger.

MATCH:  Kofi Kingston vs Damien Sandow – Sandow comes out and talks about how President’s Day is one of his favorite holidays.  He gets in the ring and before he puts the mic down and take off his robe, he attacks Kofi.  The match never officially starts and R-Truth makes his return for the save.  So I guess Big E Langston attacking Kofi last night was over nothing.

MATCH:  Kane vs Randy Orton – Early in the match Kane delivers a shoulder block to Orton, yet holds his own shoulder as if he’s injured it.  The match goes to commercial and when RAW returns Kane appears to be fine.  The two battle back and forth until Daniel Bryan comes out and distracts Kane.  Randy Orton hits an RKO on Kane and picks up the victory.

SEGMENT:  So we close RAW with a huge celebration of The Rock being champion.  I don’t remember Punk ever getting a big celebration when he became champion or when he held the title so long.  The Rock comes back, gets handed the title, and four weeks later WWE throws a celebration to feed his ego.  I’m sure he’ll pander to the crowd in Louisiana and run through his usual catch phrases.  And then after CM Punk calls the Spinner Belt ugly and wants to get rid of it which he never got to do during his 434 day reign as champion… They have The Rock a month into his reign unveil the new WWE Championship…  I waited for over a year to see Punk bring in the new WWE title and for The Rock to be the guy they had unveil the title is bull crap.  It’s just another knock to a deserving worker like Punk and another perk being handed to keep Rock happy enough to stick around.  Well, Rock is about to announce who he’d like to face at Wrestlemania and John Cena comes out to boos.  CM Punk then attacks Cena from behind with the old version of the title.  Punk then tosses it on the ground and points to Rock’s title stating “I want that one”.  RAW then ends with a stare down between CM Punk and Rock while Cena’s out.

Well Cena will be busy with Punk next week so hopefully the “WWE Universe” doesn’t notice that WWE Champion The Rock won’t be on RAW for the next two weeks heading towards Wrestlemania due to scheduling conflicts promoting movies…

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