SMACKDOWN: 02-22-13

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SEGMENT:  Alberto Del Rio comes out and exclaims that he’s going to Wrestlemania as the champion and he knows who his opponent is going to be, Jack Swagger.  He addresses what Swagger and Colter had to say about how Del Rio is everything wrong with America.  Del Rio wants to remind Swagger that America was founded and built by Immigrants.  He calls out Swagger, but instead Randy Orton comes out.  Orton feels like he was cheated at The Elimination Chamber.  He was so close to winning the match and then Swagger won with a quick roll up for the victory.  Orton says if anyone is calling out Swagger tonight then it’s going to be him.  Booker T comes out and makes a champion versus champion match for tonight.  The World Champion Del Rio will face the Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett.  Booker T also gives Orton what he wants and books his match against Jack Swagger.  Decent booking from Booker T… no pun intended.

MATCH:  Sheamus vs Damien Sandow – Sheamus is apparently furious about his last two losses to The Shield.  It doesn’t help that Sandow comes out and claims he’s going to end Sheamus’ reign of ignorance.  Most of the match is Sheamus on the offensive with Sandow just trying to stay in there.  When we come back from commercial Sandow now has the upper hand.  They battle back and forth until Sheamus really starts to build momentum.  He hits the White Noise which sets up the Brogue Kick.  Sheamus picks up the victory.

On a side note I actually caught one of those Fandango promos (because I usually fast forward them) and I don’t know where they’re going to go with that.  I predict he’ll win a couple matches before he’s nothing but a jobber.

MATCH:  Kaitlyn and Layla vs Tamina and Aksana – What I hate about “divas” matches is how dead the crowd is.  It’s not without reason though, because most the time you’re just watching them fumble through the moves.  Kaitlyn and Layla pick up a fairly quick victory.  This match really didn’t build anything and therefore is just a thrown together, pointless divas match.

SEGMENT:  Jack Swagger is heading towards the ring getting a pep talk from Zeb Colter about how he can beat Randy Orton again when they are halted by Wade Barrett.  Wade actually gives the two of them credit for pointing out the faults of America.  Colter interrupts him and asks him where he’s from because of the way he speaks.  Wade replies he’s from England.  Zeb says then he’s just another immigrant taking a job from an american and is also part of the problem.  Zeb hopes Wade and Del Rio beat each other up and both go back home.

MATCH:  Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger – The early part of the match is mainly dominated by Randy Orton.  Swagger is able to pick up a little offense, but not for long.  Orton is aggressive throughout most of the match really taking it to Swagger not letting him breathe.  It seems like whenever Swagger picks up any momentum, Orton squashes it.  Orton is looking for an RKO when Zeb distracts Orton, allowing Swagger to thumb his eye and roll him up real quick for the win.  Not only should the thumb to the eye have been a disqualification, but Swagger also had his feet on the bottom rope.  They sure made the referee look dumb in this one.  Orton was made before and will probably be furious now.  Overall it was a pretty decent match.  Pretty close to pay per view quality.

SEGMENT:  Wade Barrett is being interviewed about his match later with Del Rio and his upcoming film debut when Sheamus interrupts Matt Striker and disses Barrett’s acting in the movie Dead Man Down.  Barrett thinks that’s pretty funny, almost as funny as Sheamus losing to The Shield two nights in a row.  It doesn’t make sense why Sheamus keeps butting his nose into the backstage segments, but I guess it’s a way to build his frustrations with The Shield.

MATCH:  The MIz vs Cody Rhodes – Miz’s shoulder is STILL bandaged up and Cody focuses on it throughout the match.  I like how JBL even says that Miz should take that bandage off even if he is still injured.  All he’s doing is painting a bullseye on his arm.  Eventually towards the end of the match Miz awkwardly locks on the figure four leg lock.  Once he has it on, Rhodes submits and Miz picks up the win.  This match was so-so.

SEGMENT:  We get a nice promo video of Zeb Colter complaining about immigrants and building up the angle their creating with Jack Swagger versus Del Rio.  What’s funny is that afterwards JBL disagrees with their viewpoint on immigration.  Didn’t JBL patrol the borders and scare immigrants back into mexico back in the day?

MATCH:  Alberto Del Rio vs Wade Barrett – Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter come out and watch this match from the ramp.  Some pretty good back and forth action from these two.  Both of these men put on a pretty good show.  Barrett is a great worker as a heel and Del Rio is working really well as a babyface.  When Del Rio starts to close in on the victory Swagger starts heading down the ramp causing a distraction.  Barrett tries to capitalize and hit the Bull Hammer Elbow, but Del Rio counters into the Arm Bar.  Barrett has no choice, but to submit once it’s locked on.  Pretty good main event and show closer.

The big news in the WWE after this match is that later that night Jack Swagger was arrested for speeding, possession of marijuana and got a DUI.  That’s some pretty serious stuff considering his recent push and WWE’s wellness policy.  Leading up to the biggest match of your career isn’t the best time to be suspended for 30 days.  There’s a lot of questions right now.  Will Swagger still face Del Rio at Wrestlemania or be pulled from the match and suspended?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  I was starting to get behind his recent push with Zeb Colter too… What a dumb move.

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