New trailer for NBC’s “Hannibal”

March 1, 20130 Comments

Check out the 2-minute international trailer for NBC’s Hannibal that delivers a bit of new footage.

The Bryan Fuller-produced drama is being billed as a contemporary take on the characters from Thomas Harris’ “Red Dragon” novel that focuses on the fledgling relationship between FBI agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), his mentor. Other key cast members include Lance Henriksen, Gillian Anderson, Gina Torres, Caroline Dhavernas and Ellen Muth.  The show, directed by 30 Days of Night‘s David Slade, airs April 4th.

Not sure what to think about this series.  Anthony Hopkins nailed the role of Hannibal and it’s hard to picture another actor taking over.  I didn’t care too much for the Hannibal Rising film that came out after Red Dragon.  Speaking of Red Dragon, the adaptations of that story should probably calm down.  First there was Manhunter, Red Dragon, and now a television series… What’s next, the musical?  Oh no, please don’t use that!

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