Will Bale’s Dark Knight return for Justice League?

March 4, 2013

According to Latino Review, Warner Brothers has thrown out Will Beall’s script for the Justice League movie.  However, according to them, the new plan is to wait and see how well Man of Steel performs at the box office.  If it’s a huge success, then it looks like Christopher Nolan will keep the Producer title and Zack Snyder will possibly return to the director’s chair for Justice League.  They’re also reporting that Christian Bale would be strongly sought after to return as Batman and Bale has said in the past that he’d possibly return if Nolan is still involved.

Now while bringing Christian Bale back as Batman does fix they whole “who’s going to be the new Batman and do we reboot it before Justice League” problem, it adds a new issue.  Nolan finished his trilogy.  He wrapped it up and put a nice bow on top.  It seems finished.  The whole ending of The Dark Knight Rises would seem pointless if Bale came back as Batman.  He retired, faked his death, sold his house, moved away, got a Batman statue, passed the torch to Joseph Gordon Levitt.  To scrap that would make the ending (and whole point of the movie) feel cheapened.

I’m 50/50 on if I’d like to see Bale return, but I feel it may do more bad than good and hurt the integrity of the third film.  Here I am talking about integrity in Hollywood… Although, Superman needing Batman’s help and finding out he’s still alive while trying to recruit him does sound cool.  Especially if they bring in Levitt as Robin.  I’m so conflicted!

Take the above news though with a grain of salt.  Even if it is true, it all depends on how well Man of Steel does in theaters.

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