Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem soundtrack details

March 8, 2013

Rob Zombie’s 21 track album for his upcoming film The Lords of Salem features original tracks from guitarist/composer John 5 as well as tracks from Rush, The Velvet Underground,Manfred Mann, and more.  The release date for the album is April 16th, one week before the release of Zombie’s own new albumVenomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, which comes out April 23rd.  The Lords Of Salem comes nationwide April 19th.  If you’re a Zombie fan, then that week in April is going to be a busy one.

Below is the cover art for the soundtrack album and the track listing.

 Details For Rob Zombies The Lords Of Salem Soundtrack Released

thelordsofsalemostbackcoversm Details For Rob Zombies The Lords Of Salem Soundtrack Released

The Lords Of Salem track list:
1. Open Wide The Gates
2. The Curse Of Margaret Morgan (John 5 & Griffin Boyce)
3. Blinded By The Light (Manfred Mann)
4. No Person In Number Five
5. A Special Child (John 5 & Griffin Boyce)
6. Our Philosophy
7. Crushing The Ritual (Leviathan The Fleeing Serpent)
8. Give It To Me Baby (Rick James)
9. Ladies Choice
10. The Spirit Of Radio (Rush)
11. Smash Or Trash
12. The Lords Theme (John 5 & Griffin Boyce)
13. Salem Rocks
14. Venus In Furs (The Velvet Underground)
15. Three Sisters (John 5 & Griffin Boyce)
16. You Know What I Think?
17. I’ll Always Know (John 5 & Griffin Boyce)
18. Apartment Five
19. Lords Hear Us
20. All Tomorrow’s Parties (The Velvet Underground)
21. WIQZ News

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