Help DDP put “The Bad Guy” back together, Chico

March 9, 2013

For years now former WWF/WCW/WWE performer Scott Hall has battled alcoholism and drug addiction.  Recently he’s taken the right path to getting straightened out by putting his life into the hands of DDP.  DDP as of late has started a Yoga program that’s been doing wonders for people with all kinds of disabilities, physical and mental.  Most recently DDP rehabilitated Jake the Snake Roberts.  Roberts was a drug addict for decades and is now sober thanks to DDP and in better shape than he’s been in for years.  His next project is helping Scott Hall.

DDP has posted an update on Scott Hall, saying that Hall has been sober for forty days now, but needs to raise $80,000 to pay for his hip replacement surgery, physical therapy, dental work and his other medical expenses. DDP says that, similar to Jake Roberts has, he believes that Hall’s health can improve and has promised to manage any donated money.

I feel that with DDP involved, Hall will finally clean up.  If you can, then head over to their Indiegogo page and donate whatever you can to help Scott Hall.

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