Smackdown: 03-08-13

March 11, 2013

SEGMENT:  Swagger and Colter come out and Swagger welcomes everyone to HIS America and introduces Zeb Colter.  Colter cuts his usual anti-immigrant promo, while Jack Swagger says he’s going to take back America.  Finally Del Rio comes out and has a video of his own.  The video mocks the “We The People” videos Zeb and Swagger have been uploading.  In it, Ricardo plays Zeb and Del Rio plays Swagger.  What’s the real threat to America?  Mexican food.  You can’t rule the world while sitting on the toilet.  Overall, the video wasn’t that funny and ran just a little bit too long.

MATCH:  Team Hell No vs Heath Slater and Drew Macintyre of 3MB – I expect Team Hell No to pick up the victory against the pathetic group, 3MB.  The only reason Kane and Bryan should lose is if they start building towards their Wrestlemania match against one another.  The end result is Bryan making Slater submit to the No Lock and the match ends in Kane and Bryan bickering.  STILL no story development heading towards Wrestlemania…

SEGMENT:  Ryback is making his way towards the ring when he runs into Mark Henry and they share a similar stare down like they did on RAW.  It’s obvious these two will be facing each other at Mania.

MATCH:  Ryback vs Damien Sandow – Sandow is out in the ring first and has a microphone in hand.  He begins to call Ryback a neanderthal until Ryback’s music interrupts.  Ryback comes out and hits his power moves.  Sandow picks up some momentum in the middle of the match, but Ryback regains momentum with some elbows and a back body drop.  He sets up the running clothesline, and Finish It.  Sandow loses after Ryback delivers the Shell Shock.  Pretty much the same match we’ve seen from Ryback week in and out.  I did however enjoy Brad Maddox on commentary.

SEGMENT:  Big Show is being interviewed about his recent altercations with The Shield.  He says he doesn’t pick sides.  Reigns got in his way and got knocked out, and the same will happen to Sheamus in their match later tonight.

MATCH:  Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler – Towards the beginning of the match Ricardo taunts Big E Langston.  Langston looks to destroy Ricardo, but AJ Lee stops him.  Ricardo then tosses his water bucket at Big E, but he moves and AJ Lee gets drenched.  AJ then chases after Ricardo before she and Big E are ejected from ringside.  I’m ok with this because then hopefully the match will focus more on Ziggler and Del Rio.  Expect this to be a great wrestling match.  In the middle of it, Del Rio hits a beautiful reverse superplex on Ziggler off the top rope.  The match goes back and forth with multiple near falls.  Eventually Ziggler reverses Del Rio’s spinning backbreaker, but Del Rio with no wasted motion locks in the Arm Bar for the victory.  Overall, it was a pretty good match.

SEGMENT:  Daniel Bryan confronts a soaked AJ Lee backstage.  Bryan’s still a little upset that she left him at the alter.  While AJ is happy that she’s found a man that treats her right.  They throw some pretty good disses at each other.  I don’t know why they’re getting these two involved with each other again unless it’s going to lead to something.

MATCH:  Mark Henry vs Yoshi Tatsu – Do I really need to explain what happens?  Short squash match ending with Mark Henry hitting the World’s Strongest Slam.  Literally, there was only two moves in the whole match.

MATCH:  Kaitlyn vs Tamina – This match was a mess.  Kaitlyn nearly breaks her neck when she goes face first into the ropes.  Then Layla awkwardly interferes causing Kaitlyn to get hit with a Samoan Drop.  Tamina wins.

MATH:  Fandango vs Justin Gabriel – Is Fandango really going to compete tonight?  Probably not.  Word is backstage that people are already tired of the Fandango gimmick and I think he’ll go nowhere quickly.  Well, Lillian can’t pronounce his name correctly so he isn’t competing.  Maybe he’ll disappear before he even has a  match and gets repackaged.

MATCH:  Sheamus vs Big Show – This match is going to be a physical brawl.  The both hit some big moves on each other.  At one point Big Show even does an Alley Oop on Sheamus, I haven’t seen him do that in a long time.  The Shield’s music hits and the vibe changes.  They make their way down to the ring and let’s see what happens.  Randy Orton runs out to even the odds and hell breaks loose.  What’s Big Show going to do?  He gets in the ring and starts attacking The Shield, who eventually retreat.  Keeping to his word, Big Show knocks out Sheamus after the brawl and then Orton delivers an RKO to Big Show.  This is more than likely leading to a match with Orton, Sheamus and Big Show versus The Shield at Wrestlemania.

Overall SMACKDOWN had some decent matches.  I didn’t care for the typical Ryback match, the Mark Henry match was so short that it’s insulting, but worse was all the damn recaps of RAW.  It felt like 40 percent of the show was Rock/Cena, Punk/Taker, and HHH/Lesnar recaps from RAW.  I was hitting the fast forward button too often.

The Del Rio/Ziggler match and the Sheamus/Big Show match really saved this episode.

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