Jurassic Park 4 has a Director

March 14, 2013

Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) has been hired to direct Jurassic Park 4 for Universal Pictures.  Per Deadline, “He met with the studio and filmmakers, and they felt he was a good match for the material, having grown up a huge fan of the trilogy and part of a new generation of directors steeped in all things dinosaur.  They felt he would preserve and protect the characters in the story they created.

Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver are writing the fourth installment with a targeted June 13, 2014 release date.  Rumored storyline details report that the the film could be about the government who has trained dinosaurs to carry weapons and use them for battle purposes…  I hope not because that sounds stupid.  Hey, maybe dinosaurs with guns would be awesome, but I don’t know about in a Jurassic Park movie.

Jurassic Park 5:  In Space!

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