New trailer for “Chilling Visions: 5 Sense of Fear”

April 4, 2013

The new trailer for Chiller TV’s anthology series CHILLING VISIONS: 5 SENSES OF FEAR has arrived. The project consists of six filmmakers making five shorts for its first anthology film about the human senses.

Taking part in the anthology, which premieres Friday, May 31 at 9pm ET, are YellowBrickRoad‘s Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton who will take on “Hearing,” My Sucky Teenage Romance‘s Emily Hagins with “Touch,” Madison County and Roadside‘s Eric England with “Taste,” “Slash-in-the-Box’s” Nick Everhart with “Smell,” and Miko Hughes with “Sight.”

5 senses of fear [TV] Exclusive Trailer For Chillers 5 Senses Of Fear Teases The Concept Nicely!

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