Behind the scenes: The Ripley clones in “Alien Resurrection”

April 6, 2013

From Studio ADI – “One of the most effective scenes in ALIEN RESURRECTION was when Ripley confronts herself in the form of a failed, but still alive experiment. The scene was shot on two different days. On Day One we put her into the slant-board rig and blended her at the neck to an articulated silicone body. On Day Two, Sigourney, as Ripley, interacted with herself. We attached a replica of her head onto our mechanical body and puppeteered it from below to to help her emote. She was spectacular in the scene, at the end of which she torched the hero body into silicone jelly. Sad to see our animatronic go up in flames, but giving Sigourney an acting partner to play off made it worth it

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