J.J. Abrams wants to save JFK in “11/22/63”

April 27, 2013

J.J. Abrams is far too busy to probably direct this, but his company, Bad Robot, is currently negotiating for the rights to the Stephen King book “11/22/63″. The development of the project will happen through Warner Bros. TV, where Bad Robot has a deal.

Per Deadline, “ the plan is to adapt the book as a TV series or mini-series, likely for cable.

The book, “centers on Jake, an unassuming divorced English teacher who stumbles upon a time portal that leads to 9/9/1958 and goes on a quest to try and prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy which occurred on 11/22/1963.

Stephen King also has a television adaptation of his work, UNDER THE DOME, which premiers June 24th.

This project sounds pretty exciting.  I love “what if” stories that deal with time travel.  There’s a TWILIGHT ZONE episode where a businessman goes back in time and attempts to save Lincoln that I liked.  Let us hope this happens.

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