NECA Toys releases “Albino” Predator figure inspired by fan made short film

April 30, 2013

AFI exclusively broke the news Monday morning on the first of NECA’s many San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.

Taking place July 17-20th, convention attendees will have the chance to score the “Albino Predator” action figure. The figure is released to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the breakthrough fan film “Batman: Dead End” by Sandy Collora in which the Albino Predator makes an appearance.

The toy will feature over 25 points of articulation including ball jointed hips and double knee joints. He has brand new shoulder armor and unique Albino deco along with tribal markings/tattoos.

NECASDCC13Albino1 [SDCC 13] NECA Reveals Albino Predator Comic Con Exclusive!

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