What to expect from the “World War Z” reshoot

May 1, 2013

Just a few days ago director Marc Forster claimed that they hadn’t done that much re-shooting saying, “No, seven weeks is not correct. We shot for about four-and-a-half. Reshooting was always normal! …Our reshoots were a little more exposed in the press because we had a different ending. We felt a different ending would serve the movie better. It’s the same if you’re buying a house and you roll out a nice Persian carpet for your living room and you realize it doesn’t really fit.

Marc Evans, president of production at Paramount, recalls seeing the initial cut for the first time, “It was, like, Wow. The ending of our movie doesn’t work. I believed in that moment we needed to reshoot the movie. We were going to have long, significant discussions to fix this.

What did those discussions entail?

An additional 30-40 minutes of footage, written largely by Damon Lindelof (whose work they appear happy with), shot so they could find a “coherent ending.” The budget ended up ballooning to over $200 Million (which is probably more like $300 with worldwide advertising figured in) thanks to smaller, more bizarre and equally costly mistakes. For instance, after production wrapped in Malta they found a bunch of purchase orders for cast and crew that had been “casually tossed into a desk drawer and forgotten.” Evans calls this, “an unthinkable action. It was literally insane. [We] believed we’d gotten out of Malta good, and I found out we weren’t. That is a nightmare.

Source: Vanity Fair

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