Now Luke Evans is attached as Eric Draven in “The Crow”

May 5, 2013

Can it be over now? The casting for the reboot of THE CROW has been driving me nuts. Forget those casting rumors about Alexander Skarskard and Tom Hiddlseton. Relativity and the Weinstein Company have apparently settled on Luke Evans (No One Lives, the upcoming Dracula prequel) to play Eric Draven in their reboot of THE CROW.

The adaptation of James O’Barr’s comics has had a tough time finding its leading man, after talks with multiple actors have fallen apart in recent weeks. Ultimately director Javier Gutierrez will push the start date of production to make this happen. Per Deadline, “Evans seemed to be unavailable because of production on ‘Dracula’ and promotion on ‘The Hobbit.’ The distributor looked at Tom Hiddleston and more recently Alexander Skarsgard, the latter of whom has a bunch of offers after Warner Bros halted ‘Tarzan.’ Ultimately, they have decided to push the start date to early next year to accommodate his schedule in order to secure Evans.

So hopefully this is the last we’ll hear about who will be playing Eric Draven in the new CROW movie.  However, there’s still enough time for everything to fall apart by early next year.

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