Review of “The Crow” remake’s script isn’t promising

May 6, 2013

Hot on the heels of the the news that Relativity and the Weinstein Company have cast Luke Evans (No One Lives, the upcoming Dracula prequel) to play Eric Draven in their reboot of THE CROW, a script review has hit the net. And the script sounds pretty damn awful.

Latino Review got their hands on the latest draft, and they’ve posted a thoughtful video review of it. Although they hate it, they don’t give away too much and only review the basis/conceit without going into any actual plot spoilers. Da7e, who authored the piece, seems to have a genuine affection for the material and posted his review as a warning…  This sucks, fix it.

From what he says in the video, this sounds boring and generic.  Eric Draven has a Wolverine healing factor, ghost powers (walking through walls) and other silly powers thrown in. Plus, Eric Draven is now a bible quoting police officer (not a rock musician) who has to paint his face because he’s invisible?

It’s not too late to NOT make this film, just saying. The original is near perfection.  If you’re going to remake the first movie, follow the graphic novel more closely because there are some differences.  Don’t change the story and add in a bunch of stupid powers because then it might as well not be the Eric Draven story anymore and just another CROW sequel.

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