Updated synopsis and more images from “Arkham Origins”

May 9, 2013

Announced just about a month ago is the prequel to the Batman Arkham video game series. ARKHAM ORIGINS will be taking place as Batman is an up and coming superhero and your favorite villains are beginning to surface. Head inside to see some of the first amazing screen shots and a more detailed plot synopsis.

The game will take place in an open world environment like “Arkham City” that spans into two areas, “Old Gotham” and “New Gotham.” New Gotham will feature classier areas with tall skyscrapers while Old Gotham will be the map from “Arkham City” prior to becoming an open prison. With the addition of “New Gotham,” the game’s map size has been doubled. There will also be ‘Crimes in progress’ side missions that players can choose to stop or ignore (as seen in previous superhero games). In addition, there is a ‘Most Wanted’ setting that will allow players to go after DC villains that aren’t integral to the main storyline.

The game has a tentative release on October 25th of this year for the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

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