Could “Star Trek: Enterprise” return to television?

May 15, 2013

Star Trek writer Rob Bolivar and visual effects artist Doug Drexler have launched a campaign via Facebook to resurrect STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE  with the hopes of a new series or possibly a film incarnation. With the recent resurgence of cancelled TV projects such as Arrested Development and Veronica Mars, the duo believe there is a likely chance we’ll see the series return if fans show their support.

“A short while ago, Brannon Braga (co-creator and executive producer on Enterprise) mentioned that with enough support, it’s possible that Netflix could resurrect Enterprise for future seasons or perhaps a movie,” Bolivar said. “We took that to heart and started our campaign.”

Star Trek: Enterprise was cancelled in 2005 after dwindling ratings and the assistance of a poor box office performance by Star Trek: Nemesis. It was of the last Star Trek series to air before the 2009 reboot.

Should Star Trek: Enterprise return?  Or should it be a series that follows a new captain and crew?  With the success of the reboot and soon to come sequel, I don’t know why a new series wouldn’t be considered. The higher ups at Netflix have recently commented on bringing back BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER if they could, so they’re definitely interested in doing this type of thing.

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