Author David Pinner writes sequel to “Ritual” aka “The Wicker Man”

May 19, 2013

Robin Hardy’s 1973 British horror classic THE WICKER MAN was based upon David Pinner‘s 1967 novel RITUAL.

Now, 35 years later, Pinner announces that he’s penned a sequel titled THE WICCA WOMAN.

I’ve just completed the sequel to ‘Ritual,’ after all these years, called ‘The Wicca Woman,’” Pinner tells Rue Morgue Magazine in the most recent issue. “The children who are in ‘Ritual’ are grown up in this. It’s set 30 years later just before the millennium.

The idea of exploring what happens to the children as grownups is interesting. Stephen King is doing the same thing with his “Dr. Sleep,” the sequel to his famous novel, “The Shining.”

Up above is a compilation of some of the funnier moments from the awful 2006 remake of THE WICKER MAN.

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