Like practical effects? Then help fund “Harbinger Down”

May 27, 2013

Do you have a deep appreciation for practical effects more so than computer-generated effects? I know I sure do. Imagine how weak Steven Spielberg’s Jaws or John Carpenter’s The Thing would be if they were made today with CGI.

Just take a look at 2011’s THE THING prequel. The producers of that film replaced most of the amazing practical effects that were created by Amalgamated Dynamics for CGI, which played a huge role in the film under-performing at the box office and pissed off a lot of fans. ADI reached out to fans and let them have a taste of what they missed out on by posting videos on their YouTube channel, which you can view below.

Which brings me to an exciting new Kickstarter project that is being lead by Amalgamated Dynamics Tom Woodruff Jr. and Alec Gillis. Their plan is to create a full-length sci-fi/horror creature feature, in the vein of Alien and The Thing. And the best part? They will ONLY use PRACTICAL ANIMATRONICS and MAKEUP EFFECTS!. Check out their pitch below.

HARBINGER DOWN, a film that has been written, and will be directed by Alec Gillis (ADI), and produced by Tom Woodruff, Jr. (ADI).

The Plot – A group of grad students have booked passage on the fishing trawler Harbinger to study the effects of global warming on a pod of Orcas in the Bering Sea. When the ship’s crew dredges up a recently thawed piece of old Soviet space wreckage, things get downright deadly. It seems that the Russians experimented with tardigrades, tiny resilient animals able to withstand the extremes of space radiation. The creatures survived, but not without mutation. Now the crew is exposed to aggressively mutating organisms. And after being locked in ice for 3 decades, the creatures aren’t about to give up the warmth of human companionship.

HARBINGER DOWN is looking to raise $350,000 by Friday, June 7th. Check out the concept art below.

ADI Concept Art by Paul Komoda

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