Michael Shannon on being cast in “Man of Steel”

May 28, 2013

Superman is one of the most famous super heroes in comic book history. The “S” logo is easily recognizable across the world. Now imagine being one of the select few actors given an opportunity to bring new life to such an iconic franchise and character.

That’s the exact situation actor Michael Shannon currently finds himself in as the powerful General Zod. Superman will definitely face some stacked odds when the film is released on June 14th.

Shannon had this to say, “It’s a nice feather in my cap, for sure. It’s not anything I ever imagined I would be a part of and I’m still trying to process it really. When I started acting, I never thought I would be in a Superman movie so it’s pretty neat. I did some big blockbusters before, but never this prominent a role.” 

Shannon went on to add, “I can’t fathom how people would say no to Man Of Steel. I thought they were pulling my leg… Then I got on set, and realized they were serious. I had no qualms about doing it. I loved it. It was a blast. I don’t think Zack has anything to worry about. I got to see it and I’m really bowled over by what he did. I think it’s really special.”

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