Jackman says “Days of Future Past” is Fox’s “Avengers”

May 29, 2013

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Hugh Jackman once again expressed his excitement about starring in X-Men: Days of Future Past. He clearly has high hopes for the movie which has recently been surrounded in a little controversy as a result of 20th Century Fox‘s decision to introduce the character Quicksilver ahead of Joss Whedon’s sequel to The Avengers.

Speaking of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, it was the first installment of the Marvel Studios franchise which Jackman compared the “inbetweequel” to. “I thought, I wonder if they’ll want me to cameo again?” he said of first hearing about the movie. However, after being sent an 8-page synopsis of the story, he was extremely impressed with both the story and his role in it. “I was like, ‘Okay, this is a slam-dunk idea. This, actually, is phenomenal. I think this will be, for X-Men, like The Avengers.’ And I think it is…” 

As for how he feels about reprising the role of Wolverine so soon after wrapping up work on latest solo outing, he added: “I was a little frustrated because I was nearing the end of a 12-to-18 month physical odyssey and getting ready to have Christmas off – and lasagnes. And I’m, unfortunately, not as young as I was, so I have to start earlier and go for longer. So I was like, Okay, we gotta keep going.’ But I’m really excited about it, and I never thought in a million years I would play one character in seven movies.”

Even though I feel like we’ve never gotten a true Wolverine film that really captures the character, one has to appreciate Hugh’s dedication to playing Wolverine. 

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