Second season will introduce more of the Bates Family

May 29, 2013

I was a huge fan of A&E’s BATES MOTEL, even if it was cluttered with too many elements not related to the Norman Bates story we know. To me, the backstory of Norman and his mother is enough to keep me entertained, but they had to throw in a corrupt police force, drug lords, marijuana fields, mysterious murders every week, and women trafficking. Did those things really need to be in there? I guess they were added to make the show more interesting, but how Norman becomes “psycho” should be enough.

So where does the second season go from here? Well, I guess we’ll be meeting more of the Bates family…

We would be remiss if we didn’t meet some other members of the Bates family,” executive producer Carlton Cuse tells TV Guide. “I don’t want to say who, but we are definitely going to learn about their family tree, which has more twisty branches.

With a lot of sticky sap,” adds series star Vera Farmiga, who has already been clued in to Norma’s parentage. “There is one family member I desperately want to meet.

Nestor Carbonell has also been told that next season will reveal the home life of his corrupt character, Sheriff Alex Romero, but “the big question mark is Dylan’s dad,” Freddie Highmore says of Norman’s half-brother. “There’s certainly a story to be told there.

Carlton Cuse closes with some good news for Norma, who “will find romance next year with someone we haven’t yet met.

Here’s hoping they focus more on Norman and his eventual jealousy towards his Mother and her new lover, which drives him over the edge.

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