Sony reveals the PlayStation 4!

June 11, 2013

After keeping us waiting for a few months, Sony has finally unveiled the PlayStation 4 console. Check out the video above.

Sony has taken the fight straight to Microsoft, and I think they may have won. Unlike the XBox One, the PlayStation 4 will support used games. This means you can sell, trade in and loan every game in your library. The PS4 does not require an Internet connection and will never need to authenticate games.

And lastly, the PS4 will cost $399. This is a hundred dollars cheaper than the XBox One at $499.

If you’re already a PlayStation Plus subscriber, or plan on becoming a member, your PS Plus membership will carry over to the PS4. For less than $5 a month, you can enjoy all the benefits of the membership, including one free game a month.

 [E3 2013] Sony Reveals The PS4 Console!

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