Warner Bros. And Legendary Pictures Split Up

June 25, 2013

From Variety, sad news for DC Comics fans as Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are reportedly set to part ways. Legendary is currently deciding whether to partner with NBC or Fox as it looks to venture into television and develop adaptations of its own comic book properties. It is thought that Legendary will make a decision by the Fourth of July weekend.

Variety also mentions that Warner Bros. is looking to take a more hands on approach with its DC Comics adaptations. Specifically, WB’s new goal under newly appointed CEO Kevin Tsujihara will be to produce its superhero films out of its own pocket, with no co-financier and become the sole benefactor of any box office success. An interesting statistic to take away from the article is that Legendary backed 50% of the production costs and therefore shared 50% of the profits on Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and the recent Man of Steel.

WB’s recent venture into superhero flicks without Legendary (Green Lantern) didn’t perform too well, which has DC Comics fans nervous about the split. But Tsujihara is apparently not afraid since the studio has recently undergone significant restructuring in the wake of Jeff Robinov’s departure/force out.

What does this mean for Man of Steel 2 and future DC Comics adaptations? Without Legendary sharing the cost will WB be willing to take a chance on some lesser known characters and provide the full budget to do those films justice? And how much of the studios’ film budget will be focused towards fans getting more than one DC superhero film per year?

A somewhat alarming revelation from the report is that the Guillermo del Toro blockbuster, Pacific Rim is currently not tracking very well. In fact, early surveys shows that the general audience is more interested in Grown Ups 2 (really?) which opens that same weekend. If the film bombs, Legendary will take the brunt of the blow as the studio financed 75% of the production costs.

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