Posters For New Political Thriller “The Conspiracy”

July 1, 2013

Check out these two international posters for the political thriller THE CONSPIRACY, written and directed by Christopher MacBride and produced by Lee Kim. The film will be released on VOD platforms on August 8th with a limited theatrical release on August 23rd.

The found-footage thriller is described as Eyes Wide Shut, but with more horror elements.

Synopsis: “When two young filmmakers (played by Aaron Poole and Jim Gilbert) select a crazed conspiracy theorist as the subject of their new movie, they have no idea the terrifying peril they will put themselves in. When the man disappears without a trace, the filmmakers begin an obsessive quest to uncover the truth that will lead them to an ancient and dangerous secret society. A meticulously researched thriller based on real conspiracy theories, THE CONSPIRACY blurs the line between fact and fiction, news and propaganda.

The film is inspired by actual conspiracy theories, notably those surrounding the Bohemian Club and the Bilderberg Group, both secretive organizations closed to the public.

conspiracy ver2 xlg 708x1024 New The Conspiracy Posters Expose International Slavery

conspiracy ver3 New The Conspiracy Posters Expose International Slavery

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