Michonne’s Mission In “The Walking Dead” Season 4?

July 13, 2013

In an interview with THR, Robert Kirkman chatted about some of the changes we can expect in season 4 of THE WALKING DEAD now thatĀ Scott Gimple is the new showrunner.

Kirkman says that this season will be a “much more character-based story”, because he feels the last season strayed from that. He also discusses Michonne and the mission she undertakes after her friend Andrea’s death in season 3.

“Michonne (Danai Gurira) in particular is going to have quite a bit going on with her because of that [Andrea] loss. As we meet Michonne coming back this season, she’s on a mission to hunt down the Governor. It’s something she’s very obsessed with. It’s big part of her character this season. She did lose Andrea and she lost her because of the Governor. She’s not willing to let that guy go or be out there. It’s something that may possibly be to her detriment, the fact that she’s so dedicated to finding this person. That’s something that very much informs her character this season.”

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