DiCaprio Turns Down “Star Wars VII” For “Robotech”?

July 25, 2013

Latino Review reports that Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic, Inception) passed on Star Wars: Episode VII because he wants to land a role in a live-action adaptation of ROBOTECH.

The 1980’s anime tells the story of humanity in a far distant future and their battle against the alien Zentraedi. The conflict resides over an alien ship that crashes on Earth and the efforts by the aliens to retrieve it. In the midst of the conflict, humans gain knowledge of the limitless energy known as “protoculture,” a discovery that’s a launch point for future “Robotech” series. The primary protagonists of the series is a young pilot named Rick Hunter, which is presumably the role DiCaprio would be after.

Back in January, Nic Mathieu was hired by Warner Bros. to direct the movie so it appears that development on the film is progressing. Back in 2007, actor Tobey Maguire tried to get a live-action Robotech film off the ground, but failed.

British television writer and novelist Tom Rob Smith (Child 44) was the last person on a long list of writers to tackle the script.

As for Star Wars: Episode VII, while DiCaprio reportedly declined, Ryan Gosling and Zac Effron are rumored to have read for parts in the film. More than likely as the offspring of Luke and/or Han and Leia.

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