Hilarious Trailer For Horror/Comedy “Bad Milo!”

July 30, 2013

Yahoo! uploaded the red band trailer for the horror/comedy BAD MILO!, directed by Jacob Vaughan. The picture will be released on all VOD platforms August 29th with a theatrical run beginning October 4.

The film looks hilarious, gory, and incredibly fun. The practical creature effects also brings me back to 80’s monster movies.

Synopsis: “The pic centers on a man (Ken Marino) with intense stomach trouble who horror that he actually has a demon living inside his intestines. When he gives it permission to come out during a therapy session, the man names it Milo and tries to live a life in which he, not his demon, is in charge.

The movie stars Ken Marino, Peter Stormare, Gillian Jacobs, Stephen Root and Patrick Warburton.

bad milo poster exclusive [Trailer] Magnets Bad Milo! Looks Like A Butt Load Of Awesome!

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