Leaked “Robocop” Merch Gives Better Look At Hero

July 30, 2013

Wanna get a sneak peek at some merchandise for the upcoming ROBOCOP remake while also getting a better look at the hero who is part man, part machine, all cop?

KanpekiSetto, a Spanish Toy Collectible site, leaked these new images of 2014’s RoboCop. The first image shows all three suits that Joel Kinnaman’s Alex Murphy will wear throughout the movie and matches descriptions of the suits in the leaked script (the first being an homage to the original).

In additional photos, we also see RoboCop’s new motorcycle. However, in set pics the bike is all black and the toy has white and the word “police” on the side.

Is this what the official merchandise will look like, or just some concept art? The April 2014 release date is still a ways away. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

In other good news, the trailer is confirmed to play before Elysium.

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