Meryl Streep To Join Jeff Bridges In “The Giver”

August 7, 2013

Actress Meryl Streep is in negotiations to join Jeff Bridges in THE GIVER, an adaptation of the Lois Lowry novel that will be directed by Phil Noyce.

The shoot begins eight weeks from now in South Africa. The Giver will be a co-production between The Weinstein Company and Walden Media.

The Giver was the winner of the Newbery medal in 1994. It was also a book widely read in Harvey Weinstein’s household by his daughters. Hell, I think I had to read this book at least twice in school.

Streep will play the chief elder, the authoritarian charged with keeping order in a society that seems utopian. That control is endangered when a young man (Brenton Thwaites) is chosen to be the receiver of memories of life before the “sameness” movement, which numbed the population and created conformism.

Bridges plays the title character who delivers those memories that unlock a rebellion in the young man.

Bridges and Nikki Silver are producing and Dylan Sellers and Julie Rapaport are handling the picture for The Weinstein Company.

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