Bryan Cranston Interested In Playing Lex Luthor

August 14, 2013

Last week, the first casting rumors began for the role of Lex Luthor in Warner Bros.‘ Batman/Superman movie. It hasn’t been confirmed yet that the villain will appear in the Man Of Steel sequel, but it seems likely considering that he was referenced in the first movie.

Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston was linked to the role at first, while Green Lantern‘s Mark Strong hinted that he was in the running. While speaking with Metro, Cranston shared his interest in portraying Lex Luthor. “Give me a call. I like Lex Luthor. I think he’s misunderstood. He’s a loveable, sweet man.”

I’m a big fan of Cranston. I love him in Breaking Bad and I’m looking forward to his role in the remake of Godzilla as well. I’d be more than okay with him being cast as Lex Luthor. Give him a call!

The sequel is set to begin filming early next year (reportedly in Toronto) for a Summer 2015 release.

Confirmed cast members include Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane. The new Bruce Wayne/Batman has yet to be cast.

Zack Snyder is directing from a script written by David S. Goyer.

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