Video: “What If Star Wars Episode I & II Were Good”; The Prequels Reimagined

August 14, 2013

Last year, Belated Media produced “What If Star Wars Episode I Was Good,” a video that proposed hypothetical improvements to The Phantom Menace. That video went viral, garnering over a million views. Now, here’s the video for Attack of the Clones.

I must admit that I like a lot of these changes.

– Dex’s Diner
– Kamino
– “Love scenes” between Anakin & Padme founded only on Anakin being persistent
– Returning to Tatooine
– Jango Fett (maybe mentioned to build out the world allowing for more impact when Boba is revealed in Empire)
– Basically all politics
– the Colosseum battle

– Padme’s life in danger
– Separatists
– The Clone Army
– A tracker leading to Geonosis
– Palpatine gaining more control
– Anakin meeting Owen
– Anakin losing an apendage
– Count Dooku as leader and “Fallen” Jedi
– Dooku telling Obi-Wan there is a Sith in the Senate
– Acklay
– Clone Troopers arrinving in the nick of time
– Yoda sensing darkness

– Naboo is now Alderaan (forgotten detail intended for Episode I)
– Anakin & Obi-Wan spend far more time together
– Owen’s role increased
– Bail Organa’s presence increased and relationship to Padme altered
– Maul is alive
– Dooku’s redemption (isn’t a Sith)

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