Eastwood To Direct “American Sniper” Starring Bradley Cooper

August 21, 2013

Twitch reports that Clint Eastwood has “gotten the nod” to direct the movie AMERICAN SNIPER. Despite Steven Spielberg leaving the director’s chair, Bradley Cooper is still attached to produce and star.

However, production on the film will have to wait. Eastwood is gearing up to shoot the musical Jersey Boys this fall, while Cooper will be spending that time working on an untitled Cameron Crowe project.

As for the movie, it’s an adaptation of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s autobiography that tells the story of a sniper who, in a ten year career, bagged the most kills in Army history, leading Iraqi insurgents to place a bounty on his head. But for all his success overseas, Kyle’s work put a strain on his marriage and home life.

Is Eastwood a good replacement for Spielberg? I’d have to say yes.

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