Replacement Director Hired For Stephen King’s “The Stand”

August 25, 2013

With Ben Affleck cast as the new Batman, Heat Vision reported that Scott Cooper is in talks to direct and rewrite THE STAND, an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel being made by Warner Bros. and CBS Films.

Jimmy Miller and Roy Lee are producing the project, which previously had Ben Affleck attached to direct. Affleck is now prepping to star in Gone Girl and Warner’s Man of Steel sequel. Warners and CBS Films are apparently on a tight schedule. If they don’t move fast on The Stand, then they’ll lose the rights.

Synopsis: “A deadly virus called “Captain Trips”, engineered as a biological weapon by the government, is accidentally spread across America, causing 99.4% of the population to die. The 0.6% who survive struggle to find their bearings in the aftermath of the plague. They all dream about two opposing figures: Randall Flagg, the Dark Man, and Mother Abigail, who is receiving visions from God. The survivors split into two factions, one led by Flagg, and one led by Mother Abigail, and prepare for the final stand between good and evil.”

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