“God Of War” Series Writer Discusses Movie Adaptation

September 4, 2013

GameSpot attended a panel at Pax Prime where God of War video game writer Marianne Krawczyk talked about the GOD OF WAR movie adaptation and the difficulties of bringing it to life.

Krawcayk compared the movie to when she was a kid and loved reading the Garfield comic, but then saw the cartoon and heard his voice, which completely threw her. “I think, if [Kratos] ever makes it to the big-screen, there will be that similar dissonance. The player has a personal experience with him, and then he’s going to be embodied by a different actor, he’s going to have a different voice, he’s going to say a lot more words,” she explained.

She added, “I think it will be hard to get that across. But I hope they will someday. We don’t know.” 

Any news on a God of War movie has been pretty quiet since June 2012. The last update was that Saw screenwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan were writing the script.

Charles Roven (The Dark Knight trilogy) is producing.

A small part of me wouldn’t mind it if they did something similar to Beowulf with a God of War movie. That way Kratos would still look and sound like he does in the game.

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