“Riddick” Is A Success; More Films On The Way?

September 9, 2013

Universal Pictures took a huge risk with RIDDICK after the disappointment of Chronicles of Riddick, but the new sequel starring Vin Diesel and directed by David Twohy is being considered a success… kind of. Even though the numbers aren’t that impressive, Riddick topped the box office this weekend.

The sequel took in an estimated $18.6M, which is an okay start for the third film in the franchise which cost $38M. However, Diesel and Twohy were never concerned about money. The duo were originally going to make the sequel with or without Universal’s help.

Diesel and Twohy are greatly passionate about the Riddick character and already have plans for a sequel. In the fourth film, Diesel and Twohy have stated they want to explore the Underverse and Furya.

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