Leonardo DiCaprio To Star In Woodrow Wilson Biopic

September 17, 2013

Warner Bros. has picked up the feature rights to A. Scott Berg’s “Wilson” biography and set it up with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way company.

“Wilson” was just published last week by Putnam AdultDiCaprio has starred as two other notable U.S. figures in biopics — FBI chief  J. Edgar Hoover in the 2011′s J. Edgar and aviator Howard Hughes in 2004′s The Aviator.

Wilson had been president of Princeton University between 1902 and 1910 before serving two years as the governor of New Jersey. He became president as a Democrat following the election of 1912, defeating President Robert Taft and past President Theodore Roosevelt. Wilson then oversaw the U.S. joining the Allies in World War I in April, 1917.

At the end of the war, Wilson pushed for a peace treaty that included the U.S. joining the League of Nations but the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate refused to ratify the treaty.

With a year left in his second term, he suffered a stroke and his wife Edith helped him carry out the remainder of his presidency.

I personally feel that DiCaprio doesn’t resemble Hoover at all. Perhaps he should just stick to producing this biopic, but I’m sure he’ll want to portray the President.

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