Screenwriter Hired For “The Legend Of Conan”

October 2, 2013

Universal Pictures is moving forward with THE LEGEND OF CONAN, which will bring Arnold Schwarzenegger back as the Barbarian.

The studio has closed a deal with Andrea Berloff to write the screenplay. Best known for scripting World Trade Center, Berloff most recently adapted the French action film Sleepless Night for Warner Bros.Straight Outta Compton for New Line and is writing a retelling of the King Arthur myth for Disney.

I’m actually glad this is happening. At the end of the original films, you see Conan sitting on his throne and I always wanted to see that Conan. When the remake came out, I remember wishing they instead finished the original series with Conan finally fulfilling his destiny and becoming king. Hey, I got my wish.

So far, Arnold hasn’t re-gained his A-list status since returning to acting. If going back to the Conan and Terminator franchises doesn’t do it, what will?

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