Showtime Wouldn’t Let Writers Kill Off “Dexter”

October 8, 2013

I’ve only seen the first five seasons of DEXTER. The reviews for the later seasons are pretty negative so I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish the series. I couldn’t help myself and read some reports on the finale that spoiled it for me. I haven’t seen the final episode, but it does sound very underwhelming. So what happened? Why did the writers decide that was the best way to end the story of Dexter Morgan?

Well, it appears that maybe they didn’t have a choice. Vulture reports that Showtime insisted that Dexter live despite proposed endings that concluded with his death. Producer John Goldwyn told the site, “They won’t let us kill him. Showtime was very clear about that. When we told them the arc for the last season, they just said, ‘Just to be clear, he’s going to live.’ There were a lot of endings discussed because it was a very interesting problem to solve, to bring it to a close.

I always imagined that Dexter would get caught one day. Either by police and escape or by the hands of another killer, or Deb. What if Dexter became just another blood slide amongst his collection? The killer of killers would be quite the trophy.

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