“The Walking Dead”: New Promo And Characters Revealed

October 13, 2013

Here’s some major casting news and promo for AMC’s fourth season of THE WALKING DEAD, which premieres tonight.

Josh McDermitt (Retired at 35) has been cast as “Dr. Eugene Porter,” who will be a regular. He’ll be joined by Michael Cudlitz (Southland) as his traveling companion “Abraham,” who will also be a regular character. This was recently announced by the producers at the New York Comic-Con.


In the Image/Skybound comics, Eugene is a former high school science teacher who first appears in the 53rd issue of the series. He travels with sports coach/Army Sgt. Abraham Ford (Cudlitz) and Rosita (played by Christian Serratos).

The trio eventually join Rick as they make their way to Washington. However, unbeknown to Rick as well as eventual couple Abraham and Rosita, Eugene is lying when he claims to know what caused the zombie outbreak and instead is using the physically superior former sports coach to protect him. The character remains alive in the comics and proves to be a key part of Rick’s group, using his intellect to manufacture ammunition.

Michael Cudlitz Walking Dead Embed.jpg [TV] New Walking Dead Promo, Major Casting News!

Abraham was the married father of two children following the outbreak. One day while returning from a supply run, Abraham’s wife and young daughter were raped by intruders in front of his young son. Abraham kills the culprits and loses his family when they are turned into zombies. He eventually becomes Rick’s right hand man after his group loses a key member.

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