Bruce Campbell Confirms “Army Of Darkness 2”?

October 21, 2013

The director of the EVIL DEAD remake, Fede Alvarez, reported that creator and director Sam Raimi is focused on making EVIL DEAD 4 aka ARMY OF DARKNESS 2. Rumors also suggest that the original trilogy with Ash would crossover into the remake’s universe with Mia.

Another Evil Dead movie with Ash himself has been demanded by fans for a long time and met with empty promises from Sam Raimi. However, the remake seems to have inspired Raimi to return to his roots and might actually get made. Raimi claims that he’s currently writing the script (which he also claimed years ago) and star Bruce Campbell may have broke down and confirmed it.

When asked about his return, Campbell told the crowd at Wizard World Nashville Comic-Con, ““The last one was twenty-two years ago. I just haven’t been racing to do it. Sam Raimi is just a little bit busy making the biggest movies in Hollywood. I used to be busy. Now I’m not. That’s why I’m here. He then joked, “Ash would have to stop occasionally from chasing some deadite to catch his breath. Maybe we could do that, I guess. That would be exciting. Fight in a walker. That would be alright. Hit them with my cane. Fake them out, have a fake heart attack, distract a zombie. I like it.

He then apparently came clean, “Alright sir, the answer is yes.

I would love to see Ash return in Evil Dead 4/Army of Darkness 2, it’s just too bad that 20 years have passed. This has been long overdue. For years Raimi has told fans that another one is happening and that he’s currently writing the script with his brother, but he’s never delivered. While these reports get me excited, I’ve been let down too many times to trust them.

I’ll believe it only when the movie actually starts shooting.

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