George Romero’s “Day Of The Dead” Being Remade… Again

November 26, 2013


It appears that Millennium is remaking George A. Romero’s DAY OF THE DEAD for the second time. The first time was the 2008 remake directed by Steve Miner that was pretty forgettable. Hey at least Nick Cannon starred in it…

Anyway, the studio has attached Mark Tonderai (The House At The End Of The Street) to direct the new version.

Vicarious Entertainment has teamed with Campbell Grobman Films to put the new project into development.

Synopsis: “The remake will take place years after the zombie plague has wiped out most of Earth’s population, a group of scientists and survivors attempt to find a cure, and instead open Pandora’s box.”

Day of the Dead is my personal favorite out of Romero’s original trilogy. I wasn’t too thrilled with the 2008 version and doubt the newer one will be any better. If I were developing the remake I would use Romero’s original script before it was trimmed due to budget issues. Give us Romero’s original vision because it sounded awesome!

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