Box Office: “Oldboy” Remake Barely Makes One Million Dollars

December 2, 2013

I wasn’t expecting the remake to be any better than the original, but I didn’t think it would bomb that bad.

Box Office Mojo reports that the weekend gross for Spike Lee’s OLDBOY remake is $850,000 for a total gross of $1,250,000 over its 5 day holiday weekend.

Even with big names like Spike Lee, Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley, and Samuel Jackson, FilmDistrict’s Oldboy scored one of the weakest Thanksgiving openings of all time. It probably doesn’t help that the film was only released in 583 theaters. Would a wider release have made a difference?

Reviews have been either mixed or negative which probably won’t put any more butts in the seats. There’s been an interesting number of flops this year (especially over the summer) and Oldboy has joined that list.

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