Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Direct And Star In Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”

December 17, 2013

Last month, we reported that screenwriter David Goyer (The Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel) pitched Warner Bros. a take on SANDMAN, Neil Gaiman’s critically acclaimed comic, and the studio was interested. Not only that, but actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was rumored to star in the adaptation. Well, it turns out that he’ll be doing a lot more than that.

The latest reports state that Gordon-Levitt will produce alongside David Goyer and the deal attached him as the protagonist. In addition, he’s eyeing the project as a directing vehicle. Gordon-Levitt isn’t a stranger to directing and starring in his own movie. He made his feature directorial debut on the well received Sundance picture Don Jon.

From Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Twitter:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m incredibly honored to be working with David Goyer, Warner Bros, and @neilhimself on SANDMAN. #Prelude — Joseph Gordon-Levitt (@hitRECordJoe) December 17, 2013

“RT @epocalypsefilms: “@neilhimself #prelude was by far the most important part of that post! So glad you guys are doing it right!” ;o) — Joseph Gordon-Levitt (@hitRECordJoe) December 17, 2013

“RT @AprilNeilson: “is that a super hero or villain?” Ah, that’s quite a question… — Joseph Gordon-Levitt (@hitRECordJoe) December 17, 2013

Synopsis: “‘The Sandman’ is the universally lauded masterwork following Morpheus, Lord of the Dreaming–a vast hallucinatory landscape housing all the dreams of any and everyone who’s ever existed. Regardless of cultures or historical eras, all dreamers visit Morpheus’ realm–be they gods, demons, muses, mythical creatures, or simply humans who teach Morpheus some surprising lessons.

Upon his escape from an embarrassing captivity at the hands of a mere mortal, Morpheus finds himself at a crossroads, forced to deal with the enormous changes within both himself and his realm. His journey to find his place in a world that’s drastically changed takes him through mythical worlds to retrieve his old heirlooms, the back roads of America for a twisted reunion, and even Hell itself–to receive the dubious honor of picking the next Devil. But he’ll learn his greatest lessons at the hands of his own family, the Endless, who–like him–are walking embodiments of the most influential aspects of existence.

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