“Dead Rising 3” DLC Delayed Until January

December 19, 2013

Update: It looks like that DEAD RISING 3 DLC won’t be here in time for Christmas after all. Instead, expect it towards the end of January. Capcom confirmed the delay stating, “Adding new content to the massive open world of Los Perdidos is a major undertaking, and to ensure we provide the best possible experience for players, we are putting a few additional weeks of polish and testing into the episode before it’s released. Stay tuned for additional updates.”

Capcom has revealed their upcoming DLC plans for DEAD RISING 3, which is exclusive to the Xbox One. The content is called “Operation Broken Eagle” and will feature a new playable character (Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane), as well as new weapons, missions and a custom vehicle.

When asked how Kane differs from the game’s current lead, Capcom confirmed he’s more than just a re-skinned Nick. “As opposed to Nick, who is relatively good willed in nature facing military opposition, Adam is a by the books soldier with a crew of Spec Ops fighting for him. You get to take on some over the top military weapons and an armored vehicle that spews bullets. You get to take on missions that go against what Nick would have fought for, but as you discover through the story you can also relate to how Adam struggles to follow through on his difficult orders.”

Other DLC to look forward to includes “Fallen Angel,” “Chaos Rising” and “The Last Angel.” Each will star a different playable character and will be fully playable in online co-op.

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