“Army Of Darkness 2” Rumor Video Timeline

December 31, 2013

Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Fede Alvarez have all made statements about the current status of the rumored “Army of Darkness” sequel at different points throughout 2013. Sometimes they made sense, sometimes not so much. But nobody in the “Evil Dead” crew has been able to confuse the media more than Bruce Campbell when it comes to “Army of Darkness 2.” Between interviews, appearances, and panels over the past year, he’s said it’s going to happen, it’s not going to happen, and even blamed the Internet for starting rumors – rumors that were based off things he actually said. Is it happening, is it not happening, was it going to happen or does Campbell just like to torture the fans?

Well, THEPOPFIX tried to clear some things up and teamed with Bloody-Disgusting’s Evan Dickson and Ryan Turek from ShockTillYouDrop to put the pieces together in a nice timeline. So check out the below video timeline consisting of all the “Army of Darkness 2” rumors over the past year.

It could be happening, but it could fall apart at any moment. There could be a rights issue or troubles with financing. Until the film is shot and has a release date, don’t hold your breath for “Army of Darkness 2.”

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