Max Landis Writing “Harry Houdini” Movie For Sony

January 14, 2014

New life is being breathed into Sony Pictures‘ HOUDINI project thanks to screenwriter Max Landis (Chronicle). The Harry Houdini picture was originally scripted by Scott Frank with Francis Lawrence attached to direct before he left for The Hunger Games franchise.

Landis scripted Chronicle, the upcoming Frankenstein starring James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe, and American Ultra.

The film will be produced by Jimmy Miller and have an HP Lovecraft influence. Therefore it probably won’t be a straight on biopic.

Summit is also producing a Harry Houdini project, with Dean Parisot circling to direct, based on the Noah Oppenheim script adaption of the William Kalush and Larry Sloman book The Secret Life Of Houdini: The Making Of America’s First Superhero. That story paints a picture of Houdini as a master spy and there were rumors Johnny Depp was interested.

Apparently, this will be the year of Houdini, Hercules and Frankenstein movies.

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